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The "poor but sexy" city we all love...bring true Berlin to your home or office with limited photo posters editions! 

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We all have thousands of pictures in our phones or social media accounts...but how many are actually hanging on our walls? To see them every day and remember precious moments, moods, smells or colours... Art brings emotions whenever it's a picture, song, or poem. We should surround ourselves with such beauty and don't leave it in a digital world. So that every time we come back home or arrive to work, we can look at the picture we fell in love... and enjoy it until it lasts.

Each photo poster is printed in a limited edition (max. 100 copies), signed and numbered. Price changes based on the photo paper finish (matt, gloss, pearl...) so that you will always get the poster in the best colour and effect conditions. Framed posters are delivered only within Berlin.

About Me


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I moved to Berlin in 2014 because I fell in love with an amazing man and followed my heart to start something beautiful. Berlin became my new home but it wasn't always easy. While working purely online, as a true digital nomad, I often loose connection to values I enjoyed as a child. Creating things with my hands, building, drawing, be actually "hands-on work" and see the real "offline" outcome of my work and efforts. That's why I started taking pictures to preserve the moments I want to remember and see my work on big beautiful prints... and I would love to share my passion with you. 

Lady Elin is a girl who goes beyond, loves with all her heart, and believes that everything is possible...only impossible takes a bit longer. 


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